Multi-purpose pegs

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 Do - Si - La - Re - Mi - Fa - Sol...  With Musiclips there's no trouble at all!

Use these clips to hold anything in place,

With a song in your heart and a smile on your face!



DIMENSIONS 21.5x2x14cm

Dikla Libresco

Dikla is a Graduate of the industrial design department in Shenkar. She believes that in order to be a great designer you must keep a childlike enthusiasm about life and the objects surrounding youHer curiosity and innocence is what drives her to keep looking for that feeling of wonder in her designs. 

DESIGNED BY Dikla Libresco

Sock Monsters / Sock Locks

Sock Monsters

Sock Locks
Clean Dreams / Kitchen sponge holder

Clean Dreams

Kitchen sponge holder
Knight/Toothbrush Hanger


Toothbrush Hanger
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